Media complicity in extremist politics

Ezra Klein gets it right. Journalism is to politics as accounting is to business. The journalistic establishment is failing to use Generally Accepted Accountability Principles, thereby enabling political malfeasance.

Of course, the problem recursive: criticizing the press for being excessively even-handed – for blaming Democrats and Republicans alike when the misconduct is overwhelmingly on the Republican side – is itself perceived as not even-handed, and thus calls the honest reporter’s professional bona fides into question.


  1. Igloo says

    Politicians lie when their positions are difficult to defend honestly. So for example the GOP lies when it defends military spending and tax cuts for millionaires, and Democrats lie when they push immigration amnesty and endless education subsidies.

    Which party is more dishonest depends on what the issue of the day is.

  2. Dan Staley says

    He-said-she-said notwithstanding, IMHO the corporate media have constructed this situation on purpose.

  3. Potifar says

    Next time Ezra goes on the sunday talk shows he can bring this up……….just sayin. Nothing will happen until the democrats and liberals and progressives start treating the MSM the way republicans do.

  4. Ebenezer Scrooge says

    Mark seems to have a higher opinion of accounting than journalism. I don’t, and my opinion of journalism is probably no higher than Mark’s.