Worth Reading With Your Coffee

In a touching article in the Telegraph, Caroline Greene discovers a box of old letters and documents which reveal what happened to her Grandfather in World War I and afterwards.

At our sister site Washington Monthly, Colin Woodard describes how the Republican Party has completely lost its hold in the “Yankeedom” region of the U.S. in which it was born.

At Volokh Conspiracy, Jonathan Adler takes on those who think that Chief Justice John Roberts’ upholding of Obamacare was an expedient switch from his usual beliefs.


  1. John Casey says

    The Caroline Greene article – which is excellent – speaks of the unresolved trauma her WWI veteran grandfather lived with all his life, ending in his suicide nearly 40 years after the war.

    The entire Western World was traumatized by WWI in just this same way. Much as we have tried to bury it, almost 100 years later, its legacy remains.