My word is my Bond

James Bond and Miss Moneypenny have a new mission: cleaning up the City. The cover story for the new Governor of the Bank of England is that he´s ¨Mark Carney¨ from the Bank of Canada. But judge for yourself.

¨Mark Carney¨

Sean Connery as James Bond


  1. Seth says

    Carney definitely reminds me of some movie actor, but I don’t think it’s Sean Connery. Maybe Robert Wagner? Harrison Ford? Something about the slant to his upper lip is vaguely familiar.

  2. NCG says

    I think it would be neat if there were a Bond where all the villains were British, and the whole thing could be based on detection of faked accents, though as an American it would go entirely over my head. I can’t tell an Aussie from an English person, I just love accents.