• Warren Terra says

      If that. He doesn’t have time to explain how the math works, of course. If you really press him, he will glibly burble something about how these impossible mathematics will happen because Bipartisanship, and it would be presumptuous to offer a detailed plan because that’s Bipartisanship’s job.

  1. gevalt says

    If we’re gonna be superficial, let’s get down on it. Ryan has pretty hair and impressive biceps. The hair is pure luck (for which I despise him) and the biceps are earned (obvious proof that he is an ubermensch).

    As for the rest of his looks, meh. I think he looks like Eddy Munster. It’s impressive that he looks like he could be under 35 and this is a mixture of genetics and a good diet-and-exercise regimen.

    I wouldn’t write about this but my hunch is that voters actually care about this junk, if only subconsciously. (Cf. – Kennedy-Nixon debate) Following directly from this fact, we can conclude that the people are not fit to lead and that democracy is a horror and the sooner we can sweep it into the ash-heap of history, the better.

  2. gevalt says

    Also, Professor Kleiman, about your meme: Ryan didn’t get his tuchus kicked. What debate were you watching? Representative Munster lied alacrity and aplomb. He looked nice doing it. What more do you want than someone who “looks” Presidential. As a person of the Caucasian Persuasion, a Pale Whale, A Mighty Whitey, A Honkey, A Cracker, and an Offay (I don’t even know what an offay is!), I can assure you that the picture above is what a President is supposed to look like. Trust me, I watch FoxNews.