Presidential Debates and the Low Information Voter

The brilliant Flip Wilson once took a camera crew into the street and asked passers by whether the United States military should pull out of Provolone. Person after person gave their considered analysis of the situation.

Jimmy Kimmel took a page from Flip’s book last night by interviewing people about the second Obama/Romney debate. Yes, in this case the event was real, but the interviews were conducted before it actually happened.

ht: Jake Wallis Simpson.


  1. Ken Rhodes says

    Once a week Jay Leno has a segment called Jaywalking, in which he shows clips of strangers on the street who give absurd answers — or “I dunno” answers — to such difficult questions as “Who was President during the Civil War?”

    What he doesn’t show, of course, is the ones who say “Lincoln, of course. What kind of dumb question is that!”

    We don’t know Kimmel’s sample size … just that some percentage of his respondents were unwilling to admit that they didn’t pay attention.

    • says

      Yeah, this kind of stuff is old hat. Let’s go around with a camera and a mike and try to get a couple usable minutes of people being amusingly stupid. It’s not quite Ernie Kovacs, is it?

      I suspect that a lot of people who say idiotic things actually know what’s going on and are trying to come up with the most amusingly mornic statement so as get their fifteen seconds on national TV.

      • says

        Yeah we don’t know the sample size…
        And that would be fascinating…
        Some social scientist should do that sometime…

        But still…
        These turkeys are standing there voluntarily in front of camera in Full. Bullshit. Mode.
        Being ignorant of some basic fact is one thing, full bore bullshitting on film is another (at least I hope it is).

        Along the lying highway: How is your bullshit detector? See any “tells” with these people?
        Quite frankly, I think they are all better bullshitters than Romney.
        Just think, with slightly different luck, they could have been Wall Street flimflam multi-millionaires too.

  2. Dave says

    Kimmel, when he was on the Man Show, set up a booth advocating the end of women’s suffrage. I haven’t seen it since it aired, but I recall a lot supporters aghast that women in this day and age were subjected to suffrage.