From the ‘A graphic is worth a thousand words’ Department

From the Commonwealth Fund, a potential post-election scenario for the uninsured:

Source: From “Health Care in the 2012 Presidential Election: How the Obama and Romney Plans Stack Up,by Sara R. Collins, Ph.D., Stuart Guterman, M.A., Rachel Nuzum, M.P.H., Mark A. Zezza, Ph.D., Tracy Garber, M.P.H., and Jennie Smith.


  1. Ken Rhodes says

    Fascinating and insightful comment, Buffo. Full of detailed data analysis, citing multiple sources, displaying the algorithms you used, the potential sources and sizes of measurement error, and the rationale for interpretation of meaningfulness.

    Oh … I’m sorry … you forgot to post those.

    But against the paltry credentials of the sources cited in the original, your much more impressive credentials should convince us of your arguments, even though you don’t present them.

    Oh … I’m sorry … you forgot to post those credentials, too.

  2. says

    I’m sure the Waltons and Sheldon Adelson will contribute of his own accord so that all those uninsured people can take advantage of charity care.