The “Anglo-Saxon heritage”

Mitt Romney wants to make it the basis of foreign policy. I guess the rest of us racial inferiors – Krauts and Kikes and Spics and Dagoes and Chinks and such-like, not to mention that n—-r in the White House – had better re-learn our place.

Note the deliberate racialization of the claim: “Anglo-Saxon” rather than, for example, Churchill’s “English-speaking.” Magna Carta means more to me than Talmud, but I don’t feel much kinship with the barbarian tribes that destroyed Roman Britain.

Footnote Even the Telegraph (aka the “Torygraph”) suggests this “may prompt accusations of racial insensitivity.” Ya think?

Update  Kevin Drum objects that the Telegraph isn’t the most obvious vehicle for conveying a racist dog-whistle to white bigots. Point taken. But perhaps the remark was entirely sincere: Romney’s unnamed adviser (John Bolton?) might in fact be himself a race-proud Anglo-Saxon.  Like master, like man.