Who is Paying for Marianne Gingrich’s Lawyer?

Marianne Gingrich’s lawyer comes along today with a (mostly-accurate) attack on the Newtster.  No big deal there.  But wait a minute: the former Mrs. Gingrich’s lawyer is Victoria Toensing — where have I heard that name before?

Oh yes — that Victoria Toensing.  Long-time Washington GOP political operative.  A very high priced inside-the-Beltway fixer for the Republican establishment.  The one who spent hours and hours on television claiming that Bill Clinton should be impeached for the Lewinsky scandal, and then more hours on television defending the likes of Scooter Libby.

Big name Washington lawyers do not come cheap.  Who is paying her?  Well, maybe Mrs. Gingrich.  Or maybe not.  It would be very interesting to see who is helping to fund the takedown.  Expect more high-priced lawyers to come in if Gingrich wins Florida.


  1. Warren Terra says

    Don’t forget the obvious possibility that she’s donating her efforts both for the exposure and to ingratiate herself with Republican establishment forces opposed to Newt – those backing Romney and those that just fear the collateral effects of a Newt candidacy.

      • Barry says

        Warren, the idea is that somebody who’s well-connected feels that attacking Newt would be doing a favor for the higher-ups in the GOP.

      • says

        Romney’s campaign seems to be collapsing like an Enron house of cards…
        Newt’s got himself a sugar daddy…
        And his ex-wife has got a Rove operative flinging poo…

        This could be better than the Hillary vs. Barack thing.
        Fire up the popcorn machine…
        And Democrats: Never forget the way Limbaugh tried to screw up the Texas primary…
        If we get a chance to throw moldy tomatoes into this food fight, we’d be amiss not to.

        • Brett Bellmore says

          Should be able to, since they’ll avoid looking into any stories on the Democratic side of the race, they’ve got plenty of free time.

          • politicalfootball says

            Yeah, nobody’s really given sufficient attention to that birth certificate thing.

          • Warren Terra says

            The Democratic side of the primary race? Oh yeah, that’s a nail biter. Wonder how it will turn out?

          • Brett Bellmore says

            If they’ve got time to hunt up Newt’s ex, they’ve got time to interview, for instance, Obama’s drug dealer. Or find out who leaked those sealed divorce papers for him to clear the way into the Senate. There’s no shortage of things about Obama to investigate, which the media wouldn’t hesitate for an instant to look into about a Republican candidate.

            Treat Obama like Newt or Cain, or treat them like Obama. One or the other. One standard, whatever it happened to be, wouldn’t grate, it’s the double standard that pisses people off.

          • Dennis says

            Don’t forget the Occidental/Columbia/Harvard transcript non-issue.

            Has any presidential candidate ever released their higher-ed transcripts? I know Ricky Bobby’s were released, but he didn’t release them himself.

          • J. Michael Neal says

            Wow, Brett, you’re really desperate. We know who leaked the Ryans’ divorce papers: Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider. Except that it wasn’t so much a leak as it was a court order. It’s a subtle difference, I realize.

          • Freeman says

            Occasionally Brett has something insightful to add. This isn’t one of those times.
            If they’ve got time to hunt up Newt’s ex
            Did some reporter take the time to hunt up Newt’s ex, or did her lawyer call a press conference?

            I suppose to be fair someone could hunt up one of Obama’s ex-wives for a juicy comment or two. Oh, wait…

  2. doretta@doretta.com says

    On the contrary, it’s being pissed off that causes people to imagine that double standard.