Dueling Justins, and SOPA

Both videos brighten my Sunday morning. Both also raise a serious point about intellectual property related to SOPA. I think the first video is okay and deserves legal deference. The second video seems markedly less legit. I’d pay $1.50 for both.

(Note added–the original “dualing” passes the google test but not the more careful dictionary test. Embarrassing to misspell the title.)


    • Harold Pollack says

      My goodness you are right–dueling. I’m happy to be associated with Matt Y, who actually appears in the wedding video….

  1. Procopius says

    I don’t get it. You mean there are people who think we ought to pay for this? I couldn’t even bear to watch it. This is what passes for entertainment nowadays? In the first clip is he supposed to be drunk? Or pretending to be drunk? Why is seated girl laughing? Does she pity this buffoon? Or because she’s so embarrassed? I know I’m over 70 but I didn’t realize how out of touch I’ve become.

    • J says

      I would pay a small sum (maybe a couple of dollars) not to watch that.

      Maybe there’s a new moneymaking opportunity here. Instead of PPV (pay per view) it’s PTAV (pay to avoid viewing).