“About time” Dep’t

Jack Lew is an inspired choice for WH Chief of Staff. If he’d been chosen three years ago, many things might have come out differently.


  1. calling all toasters says

    Don’t take it too much to heart. This is the year when Obama plays a liberal while he runs for re-election. Expect Lew to be out next January, replaced with Ben Nelson or somesuch.

  2. Toby says

    Glad to see this change.

    Obama’s appointments to his own staff have not been the best. Emanuel was too abrasive, and Daly was into Clintonesque triangulation.

  3. Josh G. says

    Glenn Greenwald is far less enthused about Lew than Dr. Kleiman is.

    Is it really so hard for the Obama Administration to hire or promote people who haven’t profited from the malevolent financial sector?