A flash of the truth

During primary season, Republicans take a break from their primary activity of lying about Democrats and start lying about one another. Even better, sometimes they actually tell the truth.

Here’s Charles Krauthammer on Newt Gingrich:


Gingrich has a self-regard so immense that it rivals Obama’s — but, unlike Obama’s, is untamed by self-discipline.

Of course Krauthammer is no fool: he understands that Romney could give Obama a run while Gingrich would give him an easy gallop home.

Don’t worry: once the general election starts, Krauthammer will become, once again, incapable of perceiving the President’s virtues.




  1. says

    Krauthammer must be a real genius to divine that which is both egotistical and disciplined, especially as the latter is generally evidence against the former. Maybe he’s got some x-ray goggles into Obama’s private uncompromising, impatient, arrogant self.

  2. R Johnston says

    Since when is Krauthammer capable of perceiving anything? He has never in his life indicated an ability to communicate anything other than a recycled talking point. People who perceive the world rather than imagine the world to be what Bill Buckley tells them it should be don’t turn out to be Charles Krauthammer.

    Krauthammer perceives no one’s virtues or faults. Not the President’s, not George W. Bush’s, not Mitt Romney’s, not Sarah Palin’s, and not his own. His world is entirely a figment of his own imagination as influenced by other sociopathic right wing lunatics.

    • Ed Whitney says

      Hey, at least his current gig prevents him from seeing patients for a living. Look at the silver lining!