Don Taylor and I on Bloggingheads, discussing CLASS Act, disability policy, college sports

If you look up the term “anti-charismatic” in the new Oxford English multimedia dictionary, you get the left-side video in this Bloggingheads video. My friend Don Taylor, who teaches public policy at Duke, benefits from the comparison. Oh yeah. his terrific book “Balancing The Budget is a Progressive Priority” is available here.


  1. graz says

    You undersell the effort indeed. I’m a regular viewer of bhtv and can say that you and Donald were a welcome addition to the usual suspects. The free flowing conversation, interspersed with personal anecdotes relating back to the subject at hand was enjoyable and informative. I hope you return. Conn Carroll suggested in comments there that he wished that you’d apply your conservative instincts vis a vis collegiate athletics to health care. Any chance of a turnabout?

  2. Harold Pollack says

    I arranged to be holed up in a hotel room near the Ballston station in DC to forestall the possibility of pararazzi and groupies causing difficulties.