Deficit Attention Disorder

My Cornell colleague Bob Hockett has written a scorchingly satirical essay about the Republican mental malady that’s led them to oppose economic stimulus in the name of fiscal probity.

I liked his title so much that I’ve commissioned my sons (who are two thirds of the rock band The Nepotist) to write a song with the same name.  Lyrics suggestions welcome!


  1. Glenn Cassidy says

    Invisible bond vigilantes
    follow wherever I go,
    they hide under the stairs,
    won’t stop ringing my phone.

  2. NCG says

    We need to clone that economist.
    And I like the bowtie. So contrarian. Bet it keeps him out of jury duty.

  3. Robert Waldmann says

    Title must be DAD for Dad

    (or DAD on arrival ?).

    Warn them that, while it is tempting to test limits, the lyrics will survive forever on the internet. So if they ever want to work for a Presidential administration, they should just forget they ever heard of Alan Simpson. He can talk about the enema man, but they better act their ages.

    I don’t know if they want to focus on fiscal, but with bridges over troubled water laying themselves down and renewed enthusiasm for the gold standard, they can salute Simon, Garfunkle and Bryant with
    “Sail on Silver Lake. Your time has come .. to shine”

    Never mind. That’s too obscure even for me and I hate conflating fiscal and monetary policy.