Out-of-state students at UC

The University of California, less and less a taxpayer-funded enterprise, is admitting more and more students from outside the state ostensibly to get their higher tuition payments.

There’s a lot more to this than current finances, though.  First, people who come to California as students tend to stay here (not as much as in the past, but a whole lot more than they do at the University of Nebraska or even Ann Arbor).  So we import brains and talent that sticks around to create lots of value for all of us.  This stickiness might even justify subsiding tuition for especially capable out-of-staters, at least if my fellow citizens can learn to think about their children’s welfare and beyond this year’s tax payments.

Second, a college education is much improved by a diverse cohort of students. Californians are fairly provincial, having mostly grown up in homeogeneous suburbs with experiences limited to what their parents will drive them to.  It’s good for them to go to college with people from other places (including other countries).

I’m quite happy to ratchet up our out-of-state enrollment, but selling more high-price tickets is the least of it.