1. Matt J says

    It’s not only immature, but ridiculously stupid. If you’re going to engage in childish pranks, at least make them good and funny (like removing the W’s from all of the White House keyboards as George W. was coming in. But then even that clever prank turned out to be a made up conspiracy by the immature party in our two-party system.)

  2. Dan Staley says

    Aren’t there any grown-ups left in the GOP?


    This has been another edition of Simple Answers to Complex Questions, brought to you by Aristotle’s Grave.

  3. EM says

    Mark, no offense, but you’ve obviously never had Gino’s East pizza. It’s not the best deep dish in Chicago, but it’s damn good. I’d totally accept leftovers from Mitt Romney…well, maybe not from Palin, but definitely Mitt.

  4. James Wimberley says

    Pawlenty’s “European pub crawl” is surely deeply insulting to all Irish and Irish-Americans – did Obama go to a pub in any other country? If Pawlenty is the GOP candidate, it suggests a hayseed ethnic insensitivity that the Dems could exploit come election time. And treating the G8 summit in Deauville as a booze-up is both revealing and insulting in a different way.

  5. Bruce Wilder says

    I feel like I should repeat my no-doubt tiresome suggestion that the Republican Party is determined to lose in 2012. Summarizing the behavior of a complex, loosely-organized nexus of social movements as if it were an integrated, rational and devious person, capable of foresight and strategic planning, opens one to the ritual charge of “conspiracy theory”, but so be it. This is a blog comment; I need the shortest of short-hand.

    The U.S. economy is in bad shape; the global economy is in bad shape. The Obama Administration is economically illiterate or hopelessly corrupt or politically paralyzed by the opposition — take your pick, however you look at it, the Democrats, to the extent they are able to do anything, appear determined to do the wrong things in response. The probability that world economy, and with it, the country, is headed toward an economic crack-up on an epic scale approaches 1, over a 5-year time horizon; the hazards of euro default, a sharp China recession, and commodity price volatility are each very high and together they multiply up to some number greater than 100%. That’s against a background of runaway corporate and financial predation and persistent, chronic high unemployment grinding a socially significant fraction of used-to-be-middle-class-folks into poverty.

    Ridiculing the irrationality of the Right, intensified as it always is by social and economic change or malaise, should not obscure the capital fact of the change/malaise. When many of the more plausible Republican candidates are running from the nomination, rather than for the nomination, and the rest are clowns, or acting like clowns, that’s an occasion to worry, not cheer.

    If anyone here can see how the dynamics of our current politics could possibly deliver a reasonable, and hopeful policy response to the large economic challenges facing the country, I’d really like to hear it. But, right now, I feel like the present dynamic is Obama=Hoover, and I don’t see that ending well, for the economy or American politics.

  6. says

    Kleiman): “Mitt Romney sends left-over pizza to Obama’s Chicago HQ. Tim Pawlently posts a snarky tweet accusing Obama of being on a ‘pub crawl.’ Aren’t there any grown-ups left in the GOP?”
    This site measures maturity against snark? Interesting.

  7. Ryan says

    “Talkingpointsmemo reporting that the pizza delivery was just a friendly sharing of pizza. This matches the report that Mark links to which makes no suggestion it was some sort of prank.”

    Actually, Mark’s link continues with: “Presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty also took a swipe at Obama today with this tweet: “@barackobama sorry to interrupt the European pub crawl, but what was your Medicare plan?”

    It’s hard to say what comparison is being drawn by the word “also” here. It could mean “Pawlenty and Romney both sent a tweet today,” but I’d say the most logical interpretation is “Pawlenty and Romney both took a swipe at Obama today.”

    To people asking how the pizza supposed to be insulting, I’d interpret it to mean “Hey Obama, I was out spending time with small business owners, the backbone of our economy, it’s a shame you couldn’t make it.” I’ll admit that’s a pretty big stretch, but it would also be really bizarre to ship Obama a pizza because he might be hungry. If we’re attributing ridiculous motives to Romney it’s because no sensible motives exist.

    If I were forced to guess, I’d say Romney did something weird and cryptic to see if he could elicit an overreaction that would make us look like idiots to his base. If Romney becomes “that guy who makes Democrats go crazy and embarrass themselves with completely ridiculous personal attacks,” that would probably stir up more enthusiasm in GOP circles than anything else he’s done so far. I’d compare it to Bush’s constant verbal slipups. Democrats constantly seized on them as proof that Bush was an idiot. But Republicans (who took it for granted that Bush couldn’t have gotten where he is, let alone won their vote, and literally been an idiot) saw this and decided that Democrats were superficial: more worried about playing grammar police than evaluating policy substance. It seemed very effective and frankly I’ve long suspected that it was somewhat intentional on Bush’s part.

  8. Ryan says

    Or maybe I should have actually read your TPM link before typing up a response. Still a pretty weird thing to do, but you’re probably right that there’s no ulterior motive.

  9. Marky says

    I know the Romney camp is saying they sent the pizza meaning no harm, but the underlying message I immediately got from it was, “You get our leftovers.” There is an unstated tilt here to demean, to signify that Obama is “the help” or is below. Thus making the current Republican base smile and nod.

  10. David says

    >>> If I were forced to guess, I’d say Romney did something weird and cryptic to see if he could elicit an overreaction that would make us look like idiots to his base. If Romney becomes “that guy who makes Democrats go crazy and embarrass themselves with completely ridiculous personal attacks,” that would probably stir up more enthusiasm in GOP circles than anything else he’s done so far.

    Great analysis, that’s definitely the most plausible explanation so far

  11. Rob in CT says

    The #1 passtime of the wingnut is doing things that piss off liberals (or that the wingnut thinks will piss off liberals), so that makes sense.

  12. NCG says

    What the bleep is wrong with a pub crawl every now and then??? The “crawl” part, I believe, refers to *walking* from pub to pub – as in, no one is driving drunk, which is good. Moderate drinking and socializing with friends is good for your health. What a tool.

  13. beckya57 says

    No. This is today’s simple answer to simple questions (h/t Atrios, of course).

  14. says

    It’s kind of hard to see how Romney’s action could be some kind of insult or dig. Sounds like a friendly gesture to me. (Of course, sometimes people do things with no clearly-formed intention; it’s possible that someone just asked him what to do with the pizza, and he said to send it to Obama HQ without clearly intending any one particular thing.)

    The Pawlenty nonsense is just damn stupid, and merely another instance of the conservative tendency to interpret everything Obama does in the worst possible light. Recall all the half-serious/half-contrived outrage that Obama filled out a bracket before the NCAA tournament. Probably took all of ten minutes, but there was much outrage about how he ought to be attending to the economy instead. Of course, if he hadn’t filled out brackets, it would have shown that he was an elitist snob. I keep waiting to hear complaining about Obama eating breakfast or taking a shower instead of doing….God knows what…about the economy.

  15. Brainz says

    I think you’re getting this confused with the juvenile prank where someone has pizzas delivered to someone else’s house. This seems friendly, although there is a little gamesmanship involved — as someone suggested, it could be seen as saying, “you get our leftovers.” It could also be seen as an attempt to put the ex-Governor on the same level as the sitting president. That’s the gamesmanship aspect of the gesture. The correct response, from the point of view of manners and gamesmanship, is to thank Romney for the free food. To take offense is the losing move.