The Real Reason that the GOP Will Shut Down the Government

Atrios argues that the Republicans really don’t care what happens if they shut down the government.  That seems to me to be looking through rose-colored glasses.

When the government shuts down, it means that public employees don’t get paid and will probably go through severe financial crises.  That’s advantage number one.  But more importantly, shutting down the government will screw up the economy.  Yes, the GOP might get blamed in the short run, but what if taking government spending out of the economy puts the kibosh on any nascent recovery and then gives us a triple-dip recession?

That’s even better!  It poses a real danger for President Obama’s re-election chances because voters will blame him for the terrible economy.  Let’s keep this straight: injuring the economy helps the Republicans politically and they know it.

It’s a feature, not a bug.