Why are you reading me when you could be reading Jonathan Cohn’s new blog?

Judging by the sports page, there’s not a lot of good news coming out of Ann Arbor these days. Fortunately there is more to Ann Arbor than the Hash Bash and sadly declining sports teams we at the University of Chicago would feel guilty adding to our schedule.

For example, there is Jonathan Cohn’s new blog, Citizen Cohn. Jonathan describes his new blog thusly,

I’ve come to appreciate that blogging is not an alternative to journalism. It is journalism, only faster and with more room for experimentation. Or, at least, it can be.

With “Citizen Cohn,” I hope to produce something along those lines. The primary focus will be domestic policy and politics, with a small bit of intellectual wandering and, perhaps, a little crusading, as well. Health care, the subject I’ve covered most intensely over the last decade, will figure prominently in my writing. But you can expect to read items on a great many other subjects, as well—from the future of unions and the politics of family to the state of journalism and, yes, the Boston Red Sox.

I don’t know quite what this blog will be. I do know it will be among the best reporting and commentary you’ll find anywhere.

Good luck, Jonathan. And ship me a $12 sandwich from Zingerman’s, would you? I miss that.