Repeal ACA? Make my day!

Marco Rubio wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act: except for that little bit about not denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. But of course if you require insurance companies to cover everyone, you set up an incentive for people to stay uninsured until they get sick and the whole insurance structure crumbles. So you have to penalize people who don’t buy insurance. And – at American health care costs – you can’t mandate insurance purchase without providing subsidies for people who otherwise couldn’t afford it. And if you’re going to do all of that, you’d better try to put in some cost-containment measures. The whole thing actually does fit together.

Rubio’s position is that he loves the penthouse and wants to keep it; he’d just like to get rid of the building underneath. And remember, this is the Tea Party candidate.

With support for ACA continuing to rise gradually in the polls, Republicans who think they’re going to run on getting rid of it are going to find that the status quo bias that was their friend when ACA was just a proposal is their enemy now that it’s the law.

So I wish the best of luck to the discharge petition for the repeal of ACA. In fact, if I were the Speaker I’d ask the CBO to “score” ACA repeal – it will come in as adding something like a trillion dollars to the deficits – and then bring it to a vote even without the discharge.